Swiss Watches: Reviews on Cartier Santos

cartier santos 100 replica
cartier santos 100 replica

When it comes to the Cartier watches, you may know about the Cartier Santos, and here we will learn more about the Cartier Santos 1904.

In 1904, Alberto Santos-Dumont made complaints to Louis Cartier, the founder of Cartier as watches were hang on the neck while people could not free up their hands to take a look at the pocket watch and it was also difficulty to look at the watch while hands were busy with manipulation in the plane panel. So he suggested that Cartier could invent a leather belt and a clasp on the watch so that people can wear it. Since then, Santos-Dumont wore this watch all the time to record time on the plane. Alberto Santos-Dumont is acknowledged as the father of Brazilian aviation. Due to his suggestion, Cartier gained great fame in a short time. At that time, people asked what did he wear on this hand, and he said this was a watch.

As Alberto Santos-Dumont dacilitated the development of aviation, Cartier become popular and started its cooperation with Swiss movement producer–Jaeger-LeCoultre , and produce a great deal of Santos watches and named watches after Santos. This definitely is a great and big success, but with time goes by the situation changed. With the breakup of war, the watch market changed when military who requires a round case made great orders to watch producers, then Santos sale decline and this demand gave birth to another Mark series. In 1936, Mark Pilot came to exist. But it wouldn’t be denied that Santos is a classic. Now Cartier has a bunches of Santos with different size and styles, and it is still the first pilot watch. Although it never flied to the blue sky like it before, its great achievement and that period of history should never be forgotten.

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Audemars Piguet Watches: Reviews on Audemars Piguet 26402CE.OO.A002CA.01

high quality audemars piguet replica
high quality audemars piguet replica

When buying a Audemars Piguet replica, you need to know before making your purchase? Today we are going to know more about the Audemars Piguet 26402CE.OO.A002CA.01 wrist watch replica here for a great help for you guys who are interested on it and tend to buy yours.

This watch has good timing function, which is realized jointly by 30 minutes timer dial, 12 hours time plate and the Central Second hand, such a design allows us to easily make the time accurate to seconds, and the timing function is controlled by the timing start/pause button on the right side of the watch case and timing to zero button, whose operation is very convenient. And royal oak rose gold fluorescent label and pointer can let us read time anytime and anywhere because of the application timing function.

Audemars Piguet 26402CE.OO.A002CA.01 wrist watch replica is carrying the Calibri 3126/3840 movement, which is a production of mechanical movement on Audemars Piguet’s own, with the diameter of the movement 29.92 mm and thickness of 7.16 mm. This movement in the application by 59 jewels bearing lets the movement run more smoothly at the same time, also increase its ornamental value. Its vibration frequency is 21600 times per hour, although it is not very strong, for the watch walking accuracy it is greatly improved as well. In addition, this watch can provide 55 hours of power reserve function, which is adapted to modern people’s work and rest habits to provide us with a lot of convenience.

Audemars Piguet Replica also provides rubber or alligator strap, and the strap end is wider and configures new pin type clasp to improve comfort of a wrist watch. When you are wearing the Audemars Piguet 26402CE.OO.A002CA.01 wrist watch replica on your wrist, it will surely an attractive accessory on you.

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Audemars Piguet Double Balance Wheel Openworked Watch

high quality audemars piguet replica
high quality audemars piguet replica

SIHH that excels in complex technology, process and creativity, always does not lack some high-end sincere works. For friends who like to look at clock technology, they may pay more attention to it than Basel. So in the SIHH this year, in terms of technology innovation and exploration, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak is newly upgraded, presenting visual feast of double balance and hollow. Although this year’s theme of Audemars Piguet is “golden age”, and the flagship watch is the Royal Oak calendar watch Gold Edition, for tech control, there are two watches that always been the first to be noticed, that is the Royal Oak hollow double wheel watch, and the concept version of the Royal Oak watch. Because the latter had been launched, so in comparison, double wheel hollow watch may be more appetizing.

The key words of The new Royal Oak hollow double wheel Watch are “Double Balance Wheel” and “Openworked”. The former means double balance wheel and the later is hollow. But Audemars Pigue prefers”Openworked” to replace “Skeleton”. Before this,Audemars Piguet has launched a double hairspring and single balance wheel watch. All of these attempts, only in order to improve the stability and precision of the travel time. Papi, the senior director of research and development team APRP of Audemars Piguet, once said, they like to make the travel precise by improving the structure instead of relying on new materials. Because that’s not the domain of the watchmaker. So Audemars Piguet has always been able to launch a new structure, to solve the defects of movement.

The biggest characteristic of Audemars Piguet Double Balance Wheel Openworked Watch is using the oscillation system with double wheel and double spring. The two combine to one, this is completely different from the existing double balance spring systems. According to the official introduction, the advantage of this is that it can improve accuracy and reliability. In theory, that’s true. How about applying into practice? Because the system has the advantages of simple structure, thus objectively the failure rate or affected by the environment is smaller.

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Rolex Watches: Reviews on the Rolex oyster perpetual yacht-master 116655 watch

rolex yachtmaster replica
rolex yachtmaster replica

Version:116655-Oysterflex bracelet

Movement type: automatic mechanical movement

Case material: 18K Rose Gold / Bidirectional rotating 60 minute scale ring

Watchband material: Rubber

Case diameter:40mm in diameter

Watch comments for this Rolex watch: The perfect collocation of black and gold makes this watch to be ahead of the fashion. 18CT rose gold oyster insurance deduction will prevent accidental opening. The 40mm watch case are more suitable for men whose wrist is thick. The new Cerachrom black pottery word circle, fully reflects the essence of the yacht master type. The polished stereo digital and scale are particularly striking on the matte color word circle. This watch’s characteristic is that the material of its new OYSTERFLEX is not ordinary rubber. Its Durable degree is the same as the metal strap’s precision. Inside the watchband, the elastic nickel titanium alloy sheet is connected to the case and oyster type safety buckle, and the outer layer is coated with high performance black rubber metal sheet, these all bring wear comfortable effect. The 3135 automatic movement is said to be the king of automatic movements. The secret of this precise movement is the paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring. Its power storage is up to 48 hours. It is a good choose of fashion watches lovers.

Summary: There is a saying, people will choose Rolex no matter the understand watches or not. I do not know where this sentence comes from, but I think it is quite reasonable. At least it is such a situation in the real life. People who totally do not understand watches at all will buy Rolex for its popularity, and people who know watches will buy Rolex for its durability and precision and other reasons. So now, no matter how much we know about watches, if we buy a Rolex, we will not lose anything. Even if you don’t understand, worn out will not make people feel that you don’t know watches. Compared to other watch brands, Rolex are indeed more durable and precise.

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Swiss Watches: Reviews on Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Watch

quality replica watches
quality replica watches

There are many legends about the development of the Royal Oak Series. People say that through cudgel thinking for several months, Genta finalized all the design elements of the Royal Oak overnight. The first Royal Oak was released in 1972.

Audemars Piguet convinced that only skilled grasp of aesthetic elements can completely subvert the watchmaking Philosophy. Based on this deeply rooted belief, Audemars Piguet has made a brilliant achievement of the brand. Because of this, creative freedom and brand genes have long been inextricably linked to each other. The design elements of Royal Oak break convention and become an epoch-making landmark timepiece with great significance. The Royal Oak Series take cities and seize territory in watchmaking industry and hold a firm position.

The audemars piguet swiss replica is one of the few Swiss watchmakers who is still making its own movement. In fact, dating back to more than 120 years ago, Audemars Piguet has started production of complex watch devices. For the first time in the world, the TL flywheel device was transferred from the pocket watch to wrist watch, which is one of the masterpieces of the Audemars Piguet Watch.

When the Royal Oak series of Audemars Piguet was released in 1972, it changed the principle that the high-end watch only using precious metals, and crated the world’s premier sports watches with fine steel. It subverted the standard of the advanced watchmaking industry and affected the design style of clocks and watches all over the world with the octagonal watch case, exposed screw, integrated design of chain and watch case, and other creative design.

After that, the Royal Oak family has a full range of options, ranging from the classic basic one to the complex one. In the material, in addition to the major selection of platinum, gold, rose gold, rose gold, diamond and outside stainless steel as based materials, and even the rare metal tantalum, titanium alloy in the field of space, space super alloy alacrite 602. And it has exclusive initiative forged carbon materials, setting off the boom of using innovative high-tech material in advanced watchmaking.

Rolex Watches: Reviews on the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona watches on 2017 Baselworld

On 2017 Baselworld, Rolex launched the branded new Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona watches, respectively are 18ct yellow gold watch, 18ct white gold watch and the 18ct everose gold watch, and all of them are matching with the creative Oysterflex high-performance rubber strap that is covered with sheetmetal, and equipped with a patented black ceramic Cerachrom outer ring. This latest design makes the high-tech and extraordinary aesthetic a total of a furnace, and shows honor to the excellent tradition of this legendary chronograph. The black outer ring is reminiscent of the 1965 edition of the black resin glass outer ring.

Here we are to take more reviews on the 18ct yellow gold Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona watch, the collocation of the golden color and the black color is very beautiful and it is equipped with the 18ct yellow gold watch crown and the timer button. Made of high-tech, the Cerachrom ceramic outer ring has many advantages, not only is anti-corrosion, scratch-resistance, even if under the UV radiation, it does not fade. This outer ring in addition to be extremely durable, but also can read the time at a glance, as it is coated with a layer of 18ct gold or platinum film on the numbers and the time scales with the PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coating technology, so that the tachometer on the outer ring is more clear. The Cerachrom ring is shaped in Unibody to help keep the mirror be fixed in case and to ensure waterproof performance.

the branded new Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona watch is equipped with the Rolex patented Oysterflex watch strap, and this creative design sets the solidness and reliability of the metal watch strap and the flexibility and comfort and beauty of the rubber strap as a whole. And this rolex swiss replica is equipped with the 18ct yellow gold insurance buckle.

Pierre DeRoche TNT GMT Power Reserve 43 Watch

Pierre DeRoche TNT GMT Power Reserve 43 Watch

Pierre DeRoche TNT GMT Power Reserve 43 Watch Watch Releases

For Baselworld 2017, Pierre DeRoche unveils their latest novelty, the Pierre DeRoche TNT GMT Power Reserve 43. The latest renditions of the TNT Collection provide more reserved, and most importantly, more legible additions in a black and titanium color scheme and a black and tan. In a first for the TNT collection, both versions will feature an opaque dial and, of course, the Dubois Dépraz movements that the brand exclusively uses.

Pierre DeRoche TNT GMT Power Reserve 43 Watch Watch Releases

Those unfamiliar with Pierre DeRoche will be interested to know that it is a husband-and-wife duo behind the brand, and they are known for bringing to life some unique and original movement designs. The Pierre DeRoche TNT collection is arguably known for its Royal Retro series, which features six retrograde seconds hands on the dial. Personally, I’ve found the design rather busy, and while it’s certainly a unique and gorgeous set of timepieces, the Pierre DeRoche TNT GMT Power Reserve 43 brings a welcome legibility and conservative option that I feel the collection needed.

Pierre DeRoche TNT GMT Power Reserve 43 Watch Watch Releases

Both models sport a Dubois Dépraz calibre with a 42-hour power reserve and a GMT function controlled by the crown. The larger GMT register is placed at the 2 o’clock position, while the power reserve indicator is at 7 o’clock. This is a more edgy placement for the offset subdials, so I can understand some gripe from those who demand symmetry, but it is consistent with the overall rugged and sporty design.

Pierre DeRoche TNT GMT Power Reserve 43 Watch Watch Releases

Both Pierre DeRoche TNT GMT Power Reserve 43 cases measure in at 43mm and are made of titanium, with the more limited model (TNT10012ACTI2-002CAO) sporting a black DLC coating. Both feature 100m of water-resistance with front and back glare-proof sapphire crystal. These new Pierre DeRoche TNT GMT Power Reserve 43 watches come on a rubber strap with a folding clasp, and while I feel this is fitting for the natural titanium version, I would have liked to see the DLC version include a kevlar or cloth strap option to fit the overall tactical feel of the watch.

What I find most interesting is the design differences between the two. While the first may seem a “safe” and straightforward design, the DLC-coated, black-and-tan colorway is interesting and not that expected. Maybe you can chalk it up to apophenia, but it looks to me to to be part of a possible “mini trend” in watches.

Pierre DeRoche TNT GMT Power Reserve 43 Watch Watch Releases

The new TAG Heuer Calibre 16 had the black and sandy-tan colors, as did this Aquaracer 300 we reviewed. Outside of TAG, there was also the newest design from Zenith for Range Rover that isn’t far off, and here’s one from Bell & Ross. The “stealth trailblazer” look provides an almost tactical legibility that many outdoor enthusiasts are attracted to – and it’s also kind of stylish. With all the new watches we are seeing at Baselworld 2017, I am excited to see if more brands will adopt this style and how it is received.

In the case of this Pierre DeRoche TNT GMT Power Reserve 43, I think the brand has nailed it with this design in both colorways. The Pierre DeRoche TNT GMT Power Reserve 43 Ref TNT10012ACTI0-001CAO in titanium and steel is limited to 201 pieces, and the DLC black and sandy tan model ref. TNT10012ACTI2-002CAO is limited to 101 pieces. Both carry a price of 13,900 CHF.

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Rolex Watches: Reviews on the Rolex Explorer II Watches

Rolex Explorer II 16570 White Dial Watch

Rolex explorer II series wrist watch was launched in the year of 1971, and the watch originally designed a 24 hour pointer, mainly to solve the polar expeditions in front of the polar explorers’ polar days or nights, 24 hour display obviously is very practical. This design also can be used to display the dual time zone.

Rolex Explorer II 216570-77210 White Dial Watch

There is not too many changes when compared the new Rolex Explorer II watch with the old-version Rolex Explorer II watch, and the 216570-77210 watch was launched in the year of 2011 after it has been redesigned, and the watch case of the Rolex Explorer II 216570-77210 has been increased to 42 mm. the watch dial is equipped with the Chromalight night-light display, so as to make the watch no matter in any circumstances, can be still clear and readable. This watch is designed for extreme environments and it fully embodies the indissoluble bound between Swiss Rolex Copies and explorer world.

For the entire Rolex explorer series family, mainly are these several watch styles, the other styles also have the difference between the black dial and the white dial. As for the difference and positioning of each wrist watch. Here we can talk about the primary difference between old Rolex Explorer I and the new explorer I. New explorer I has increased the watch case diameter when compared with the old Explorer I, as it has increased to 39 mm from the original 36mm, because the watch size diameter increased but the watch pointer does not increase, so the watch pointer of the new Rolex Explorer I seems a little shorter when you look from the dial of the wrist watch, minute hand is especially striking. Then the luminous time scale of the 3, 6, 9 o’clock on the watch dial are cancelled, and they turned into the stainless steel time scales; for the internal change it is the movement upgrade from 3130 to 3132, and it adopted new suspension and balance spring.